Information for Engine House 39

applicants for social membership

Engine house 39 is a social club owned and operated by the Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department (EVFD). Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department and Engine house 39 are governed by the EVFD bylaws, Pennsylvania liquor control board, and liquor enforcement laws and regulations. In processing membership applications, we ask that applicants be aware of the following:

  • Submitting a completed membership application does not mean automatic acceptance to Engine House 39.

  • Applicants for membership may not purchase alcohol, pursuant to PLCB regulations. Applicants may dine at Engine House 39, participate in bingo, and small games of chance.

  • Applicants may not sign in guests.

  • All memberships are individual.

  • Memberships are for the calendar year, or any remaining portion there of.

  • Annual dues must be paid by December 31st of the calendar year to avoid late penalties and to remain in good standing as a club member.

  • Membership at the club is a privilege, not a right.

  • Member candidates should allow 4 weeks for processing of applications.

  • New members will be notified when their member accounts are ready for use, and will be notified of their acceptance to the club by email.

  • Membership cards may take several weeks to receive after your membership is approved.

  • EVFD reserves the right to limit club membership.

To apply for social membership to Engine House 39:

- Completely and legibly fill out and sign the membership application.

- Complete payment of application fee.